Casey's Pet Waste Removal & Services, LLC

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Pet Waste Removal 

Our main job is removing your pet's waste from your back yard. We offer anywhere from one-time service to several times per week. We also clean up commercial areas, such as vet clinics, pet stores, doggy day cares, dog parks, and more! Having a doggy party? We can stick around & clean up while you enjoy the fun!

Lawn Care

Along with pet waste removal, we also offer extra services, such as odor eliminator & flea/tick removal treatments for your back yard. We use environmentally friendly sprayers, so your yard can continue growing beautifully!

Additional Services 

We don't just scoop! We offer other services to our customers that use our waste removal service. While we are tending to your yard, we can take your pets out for a 15 minute walk, feed, & play with them. Just let us know if you'd like to add these services, so we can make special time, just for them!


Does you pup need a ride to the vet? Groomer? We can help! We can pick them up, drop them off and bring them back home. You don't need to use our pet waste removal service to use our transportation service! We also offer emergency transportation services. 

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